• Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
  • Horses Changing Lives
Equine Psychotherapy Consultant

Kristi Seymour has a proven record of helping behavioral health organizations develop SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS. Kristi Seymour is a level two certified EAGALA as a Mental Health Professional and as an Equine Specialist. She is currently working on her advanced certification in the EAGALA model. She is also an EAGALA Board member.

Kristi is a high energy, detail oriented professional. She is a licensed clinical therapist with more than 16 years of behavioral health experience. She is certified in EMDR, DBT, TF-CBT. Clinically she has specialized in treating traumas (complex, domestic violence, sexual abuse, dissociation). She also has experience with the chronically mentally ill and rehabilitative services.

Kristi has an MBA and her Administrative experience includes supervising 50+ employees, a multi-million dollar budget, strategic planning, program development, risk management, compliance and clinical supervision.

Kristi is an accomplished equestrian, having ridden more than 39 years and has shown at the grand prix level in show jumping. Earlier in her equestrian career she trained with USET team members including two Olympic riders. Today she still competes in local and regional show jumping competitions and is training several young horses.

Kristi is an expert in creating equine therapeutic programs and has developed several equine programs over the last ten years.

- Post Traumatic Stress
- Psychosis/Thought Disorder
- Autism Spectrum
- Developmentally Delayed
- Substance Abuse
- Conduct Disorder
- Bipolar
- Depression
- Anxiety
Equine Therapy

The key to success of any project is developing a sound strategic road map for each facility's needs. A thorough analysis of existing clinical programming and facilities combined with strong financial planning assists with stakeholders ROI.

Working with horses requires patience, commitment, and focus. Horses are amazing facilitators for children, adolescents or adults, while exposing underlying emotional issues. Horses are chosen for each program based on population needs, budget and facility capabilities.

Kristi has also managed and developed programs over the last ten years for private owners and county stakeholders.
Services Offered

Program Feasibility/Facility Planning

- Evaluate existing facilities and operations to suggest additions, modifications or improvements to
  meet each program needs
- Establish equine care guidelines
- Establish strict safety guidelines
- Insurance mitigation
- Equine selection
- Standardized operations manual
- Personalized consultation (hourly or per project)

- In-service staff training on safety and protocols
- In-service clinical training on equine psychotherapy and recommended documentation
- Analysis of existing clinical programming
- Staffing, HR assistance, equine professional screening, job descriptions
- Program monitoring and evaluation - JACHO and CARF standards
- Emergency clinical coverage